Sentinel X100 Central Heating Protector Inhibitor 500ml Bottle (Double Concentrate)
Trade Save Central Heating Inhibitor
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Product information


Enhance the Longevity and Efficiency of Your Central Heating System with Sentinel X100 Central Heating Inhibitor - 500ml Sentinel X100 Central Heating Inhibitor is here to safeguard your investment and optimize your home's warmth. This powerful inhibitor prevents rust and scale buildup, prolonging the life of your radiators and boiler. By maintaining clean and smooth-flowing pipes, Sentinel X100 enhances the heat transfer efficiency of your radiators, ensuring that your home heats up faster and retains a consistent, comfortable temperature. This translates to lower energy consumption and reduced heating bills. The 500ml bottle of Sentinel X100 provides enough protection for an average-sized central heating system. A little goes a long way in preserving your system's health. First clean and flush the system using the appropriate central heating cleaner. Add X100 to the system and circulate for 15 minutes to distribute. Leave in system. If water replaced, ensure level of X100 is maintained. For indirect systems only. Super concentrate Sentinel X100 inhibitor for central heating systems. 500ml treats 100 litres of water


Manufacturer guarantee - 1 year

Suitable for Central heating




Features and benefits



Super concentrate Sentinel X100 central heating inhibitor - 500ml treats 100 litres of water

Prevents formation of corrosion and limescale in heating systems

Uses less plastic than traditional 1 litre bottle

Sentinel recognised as a leading UK manufacturer of inhibitor for central heating

Sentinel X100 inhibitor can be used with all types of boilers and heat pumps

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